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MD Roknuzzaman Author & Founder

My name is MD Roknuzzaman founder of I’m Student from Govt Bangla College,Dhaka Bangladesh. I began blogging in December 2018. I like blogging, and SEO is my favourite part cause this is the challenge to bring my blog posts at the first place. I like to make my social network strong but in real ways so I spend more time on the internet to learn more and more about web and blogging.

Little story about my blogging career this site was named as cause of some security reasons Adsense and some companies violations this name isn’t sensible enough for long blogging career so I change it to after changing I really got tremendous response from several sites and other people I got splendid experience of Adsense and massive traffic at my site.

Sharing tips and tricks site is my best hobbies of all time; I like to write at my site to get more people to read and help people to get what they are looking for on the web. I always write some unique and real content to get the real response from my visitor and users of

I got so many comments on my all post and tremendous response from people. It’s superb to see how people like my post and I help then to fix their problems I am always happy to help people with their gadgets problems and lot more. 🙂

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Facebook: MD Roknuzzaman


Twitter: @topic_youtube

Instagram: md_roknuzzaman_43


Imo: +8801777522876