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Two ways to make hair long | How Can Hair Lace | The way to make small hair bigger

Two ways to make hair long | How Can Hair Lace | The way to make small hair bigger

Long hair

With the change of age, now women have chosen coconut oil for hair care. Whereas pollution is water, chemical etc Our hair has become rough, dry. Many do not know how beneficial the oil of mustard oil is to protect from getting dry and to stop wearing hair. Along with other vitamins, there are plenty of zinc, beta carotene and selenium.

Which is very important for hair length. Mustard oil increases the blood circulation of the head skin. Which strengthens the hair follicles. So today I am sharing very effective and easy 2 hair packs of mustard oil with you. Which will help your hair growth to stop hair fall. Even removing dandruff from the skin of the head.

Fast Tips

For this, first take a table spoon custard oil in a dry bowl. Castor oil is extremely beneficial to thicken the thin hair and to grow new hair on the head skin. Then one spoon Elovera oil. This will include a tablespoon of mustard oil. Mustard oil contains beta, keratin, fatty acids, vitamin E, and omereathri. Which helps in hair growth. There is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients in mustard oil.
Which prevented from having a hair fall.
Besides, if you have allergy on your head skin then it will also be removed. If you want, you can save this mixture with an airtight container at the normal temperature of the house. Before going to sleep at night, with this mixture, massage your hair at five to ten minutes. And apply this mixture to each hair. If you want, you can use this mixture in your whole hair.

After planting, then fall asleep and shampoo your hair the next morning. You can use this mixture for 1 to 2 days a week. This will stop wearing all your hair. As well as thin hair will thicken and hair growth will accelerate. Regular use of ripe hair problems will be overcome. And hair will become neat and bright.

Second Tips

For this, first take 1 table spoon of mustard oil in a bowl. Then add 1 tablespoon olive oil to it. Olive oil makes the hair soft and shiny. It also helps in removing dandruff from the skin of the head and growing new hair. When using regular olive oil hair is thick and black. As well as hitting the hair of the hair is stopped.
Take a spoonful of lemon juice and mix it well. Lemon juice works great to make hair neat and bright. Besides, it removes dandruff and lice from the skin of the head. Moreover, preventing the hair from having a weird hair. Hair pack made. Now massage this mixture on your head for five minutes. After brushing, apply it to your whole hair. After applying, keep it for an hour.

And after 1 hour, wash your hair with the help of shampoo. You can use this hair pack for 2 days a week to get good results. But at least one day and if you use this pack, it will be very beneficial for your hair. And your hair will be firmly rooted. And new hair of head skin will grow. As well as increase hair growth and help. And the problem of hair fall out will be solved.

From here you can use any hair pack in your hair care. And you can make your hair look more beautiful, bright, sturdy and tall.

Hopefully following the tips, you will get the solution to this problem.

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I hope you understand the matter.

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