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The easiest way to remove head lice | How to remove head lice

The easiest way to remove head lice | How to remove head lice


Lice is such a thing that anyone of any age has the head. However, the problem of small children is a little more. And once the lice on the head, it spreads so quickly that it becomes a blow and severe itching in the head. As well as the skin of the head becomes dry. And slowly, we can not understand when our hair starts ducking through dandruff on the head skin.

Today is sharing a remediate that will help you with this. Let's learn to make it. To make it, first of all, garlic needs. Garbage holders can not tolerate the smell of garlic completely. As a result the lice can not breathe. It quickly turns away from the skin of the head. In addition there are antifungal properties. Which makes it clear on the skin of the head. The lice started removing them from the skin of the head. Now, make a smooth paste with a small amount of water.

And if the paste of garlic is not smooth, then it will be very painful to remove it from the hair later. Take a paste of 2 tablespoon garlic paste in a bowl. But you can do it as per your requirement. After that you need is lemon juice. Lemon juice is very effective to destroy the egg of the lice. The citric acid contained in it completely damaged the eggs of the lice. Therefore, there is no possibility of growing lice on the head skin again. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice to it.

Now these two elements have to be mixed well. In addition to using remedies, you need a lot more. Later I would say that. Let's take a look at how to remove lice from your head skin by using this Remedy. Your hair must be cleaned before using it. If there is dirt in the hair, then it will be redeemed. Clean the hair with shampoo for it.


Then apply this mixture to the hair at the down of your hair. Apply the mixture to your whole hair by applying haircut and massage it very slowly. After applying, apply this mixture to your hair for one and a half to two hours. You will need hot water after applying for one to two hours. Then with the help of hot water you clean your hair thoroughly. After cleaning your hair, you can notice that the lice are slowly going out.

You can see its results for the first time. After cleansing with hot water, you will remove your hair gradually with a towel. Then you will need olive oil. Excellent effect to remove olive oil lice like garlic and lemon. The odor of olive oil that removes the lice from the skin of the head. After the water is removed from the hair, with the help of olive oil, gradually massage your head on the skin for five minutes and apply olive oil to the whole hair well. And these tips will be used at night.

2 hours before you go to sleep at night, you have to mix this mixture. After two hours you clean your hair. Then massage your head skin with olive oil. And thus keep the olive oil on your head skin all night. You can use this mixture for two to three days a week to remove the lice from the head skin. And in the first week you can notice that the lice from the skin of your head is almost completely removed.

Besides, the dandruff was completely removed from your head skin. And this remedy will do a lot better with hair care. Strengthen the hairstyles and help a lot in hair growth.

Hopefully following the tips, you will get the solution to this problem.

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