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The easiest way to do the foot steps | How can I make the foot move better

The easiest way to do the foot steps | How can I make the foot move better


Not just winter. There are many who have ankle feet all year round. The main reason is the increase in dryness in the ankle foot. Besides, many walks of the year throughout the year due to high walking, long standing, dehydration, etc. And it's very annoying. Which looks bad and sometimes it hurts. So to solve this problem today I am very easy to share with you a method. So let's learn how to make it and how to use it.
For this, one spoon amount of lemon juice is needed first. lemon has Heli's property. So it helps to fill in a quick spacing. Then add one spoon of mustard oil to it. Excellent effect in removing the mustard oil. The use of mustard oil in the spacing is eliminated. Now one of these spoons is Vesalin. Then these ingredients should be well mixed. Veseline is extraordinary to make rough, dry skin smooth. Many of us use Vaseline to moisturize the skin in winter. It retains moisture on the scaly skin. So bursting skin helps to be smooth.

Before you go to bed every night, clean your feet well. After cleansing, apply this mixture to your foot and apply it well. Apply it in such a way that the mixture can penetrate your foot. This mixture will do a lot of good work. After applying, take moza after. Due to the moza you will keep your foot moisture. As a result, this mixture will work faster.
If you use this 2-3 days, you can see that your feet are perfectly smooth. Besides, your legs will always try to keep clean. If there is dirty, there may be many types of problems besides foot splitting. This mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days in an airtight container. Take care of yourself and stay healthy and well, and if you are suffering from this foot stroke, then use this mixture.

Hopefully following the tips, you will get the solution to this problem.

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