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How To Increase Nails Fast | How To Make Nails Hard | How To Grow Nails Fast

How To Increase Nails Fast | How To Make Nails Hard | How To Grow Nails Fast

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Today I will teach you how to make your nails tallest. Every girl wants her nails tall, beautiful and strong. Because tall nails increase beauty with a lot. Because the nail prints with nail polish for long nails, make the hand more attractive by printing the nail. But the growth of all the nails but not the same. Due to the thin nails of many, it breaks down before it grows. The growth of the nails again is very low. So today I shared an effective remedy with you. Which means your nails will grow very fast. And the problem of breaking your nails will go away. So using this remedy you can make your nails more taller, stronger and more attractive than ever before. So let's learn how to use this remedy.
For this, first need garlic juice. Pour garlic and separate the juice from garlic. Take 1 tablespoon garlic juice here. Now add coconut oil to it. Coconut oil contains plenty of protein and vitamins. That helps to increase the growth of nails. And prevent nail breaks. Add half a spoon coconut oil. Now you have to mix these 2 ingredients well. There are plenty of vitamins C, calcium, mineral, sulfur and various properties of garlic. Which helps to increase nail growth. As well as preventing nail breaks. Moreover, there is a loss of bacterial waste in the garlic. Which removes the germs in the nails. That way your nails are protected from various diseases.

And you can store this mixture in an airtight container for three to four days. This will benefit you a lot. Now let us know how to use this mixture. Before using it, please remove your nails from the nailpolish. Then, with this mixture, massage your nails for three to four minutes. There is plenty of alcine in garlic juice. Which enhances blood circulation. Which helps keep nails healthy and nails better. Moreover, there are antioxidants in the garlic. Which increases the growth of nails. After the massage, put the mixture in your nails for 10 minutes. And after 10 minutes, clean it.
After cleaning, you need Vaseline. One of the reasons for breaking nails is dryness. And Vaseline is very effective to remove dryness. Apply a little vaseline to your nails. Vaseline helps a lot to prevent long breaking nails. And nails smooth and shiny. This remedy will do a great job to make your nails tall. If you pulled ten days to use this remedition in this way. Then you can see the excellent results in 10 days. If you want to make your nails bigger then this remedies can be used twice a day. Find more results here. To get rid of the problem of breaking nails and not getting big, try this remedy.

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