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How To Eliminate Yellow Dent | How To Remove Dental Pain

How To Eliminate Yellow Dent | How to remove dental pain

Yellow teeth

If we talked a few years ago, our grandparents would clean the teeth by Neem. And their teeth were shining and shining. With a lot of tie and strong. But today's various types of toothpaste have arrived. Which tells us to clean and whiten our teeth. But its effectiveness does not see our teeth. If the tooth is yellow, then we may also be ashamed to laugh at someone. But these tips will whiten your yellow tooth. And while talking, you will get rid of the bad odor.

The first thing you need to do for it is this long. You will easily get this long from your next shop. Long is very beneficial for our teeth. As the accumulation of whiteness in the teeth, it protects our teeth from pain and insects. You take 4 to 5 lots here. And the length that you take will not be long enough to break. That's the flower. After taking them long enough to knock the balls. Then put it in a bowl.

The next thing you'll take here is toothpaste. Take any white toothpaste. Here we are using toothpaste so that you do not need to brush again and again. Toothpaste will take as much as you need. Then the end of the end is that the yellow guru. Yes, you have to take a yellow gauge here. Yellow is very beneficial for avoiding any infections. Here's to take half of one spoon of yellow. Then after giving these three things.

Now we will take a glass of light warm water here. And with that you have to take a little bit of salt. You take white salt here. Mix this salt with a spoon and mix it in water. You mix the salt with a spoon. And after mixing it, after mixing it, You add the mixture of salt to a bowl of water. After drinking water we will mix them well. Here you can pick any common brush for mixing. Which you do not use at home. You can take any old brush. And mix them well.

After mixing, how do you apply it that will make your yellow tooth white and glamourous. You must use this paste as a normal toothpaste. But before using these tips you will be able to make your dentist well. And then apply the paste. You use 2 to 5 minutes well. Brush properly. And then you have to use this saltwater to water. Do it with water. The water must be light warm when it is cooling. You do not have to Kulkuchi in cold water.

You will finish this water for two to three minutes. Do it three times a week's application. You will clean the tooth using this paste three times. And the rest of the day you brush your teeth with a simple toothpaste. And in a week you will see. That's going to leave your teeth yellow. Tooth needs to be white. And stop the smell comes from your mouth.

Hopefully following the tips, you will get the solution to this problem.

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