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Easy way to get rid of allergy itching | How to get rid of allergy

Easy way to get rid of allergy itching | How to get rid of allergy


Allergies, rashes, itching, which often gets better by itself. But many times a lot of medicines can be found, it does not leave us behind. And many times the body becomes such a place that makes us very annoyed. But these tips have come for you today. This will give you comfort from allergies, rashes, itching, from first use. And slowly using it will end your disease like allergies, rashes and itching. So let's see how you can make these tips at home.
You must apply these tips in two ways. The first procedure will eliminate allergies, rashes, and itching from your body. The second method will gradually disappear from your body after the staining of allergies, rashes, and itching. You will never feel that you have allergies, rashes, and itching.

Fast Tips

So first of all you get a banana here. Cut the banana half will you Banana fungal infection is very beneficial for reducing itchy-like bacteria. It works great with long-term allergies, itching. Which you get comfort from the itch from the first day. You take half a banana here. Let's peel it with the help of a spoon. Here you can make the art of spoon thin thin. And the banana is melted just to look thin after melting.
Then the thing that you take here is the lemon. You take a lemon here. And lemon should be cut by half. Mix the lemon with the banana paste. Lemon is very beneficial to get rid of it from the itch, as well as it gets antiseptic and antieratic properties. That gives us freedom from allergies, rashes, itching. Mix them well. After making a 1 to 2 minute mix, our first tips are made. You have to use it where there is a disease like allergies, rashes and itching.
First of all you take a small piece of cotton. 

And use where you have it all there is allergy, rot, itching problem. Remember you only use cotton here. Because it is increased in the itchy hands and it grows faster. Apply it well to your allergies, rashes, itching for 1 to 2 minutes with cotton. Take full area. And then you keep it for drying. If you do this, it will clean your allergies, rashes, and itchy from scratch.

Second Tips

And to remove allergies, rashes, itching stains, first of all you will take camphor Here you can take three to four camphor pieces and peel them well. Along with half a spoon, you can give a blanket of camphor with a bowl. After giving camphor, the next thing we'll take here is the coconut oil. And mix it with a spoonful of coconut oil. After adding one spoon of coconut oil, you will make it well by mixing it.
Then put it in place of your fungal infections by means of cotton in place of allergies, rashes, itching. You have to do the same thing as the first tips. Keep it for 10 minutes. Use it to clear your allergies, rot, itching stains will slowly be cleaned from scratch. And you'll feel like there was no disease like allergies, rashes, and itching. You can see the difference in one week only once per day. Your allergies, rashes, will be completely eradicated and slowly its stain and disappear.

Hopefully following the tips, you will get the solution to this problem.

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