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Do not break or fall! 2 ways to make hair thick, fatty and tall hair growth tips

Do not break or fall! 2 ways to make hair thick, fatty and tall hair growth tips

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Today I will share two hairpiece packs with you to stop the hair fall and strengthen the hair. This way it will completely stop your hair fall. And the hair will work so well that you can not think. Using a hair pack, you will return life to your rough hair. You will find long, thick and beautiful hair. So let's learn how to create hairpieces.
Fast Tips

It requires a large size onion. Onions work best to stop our hair fall. Now cut the onion into small pieces and prepare paste and add the onion juice. There are plenty of sulfur in onion. For this, onion is the most effective way to increase hair growth. In addition to this, the onion turns off our hair and strengthens the hair. As well as helping in hair growth. After taking the onion juice out. Add 2 table spoons of yogurt to it. Now you have to mix it well. Talk yogurt works great for all hair types.

It contains plenty of protein and lactic acid. This helps in increasing hair growth by stopping hair loss. Besides, the hair is rough and dry, removing rough and dry hair. Now with this help, massage your hair well and massage it for five minutes. And then it's a good appraisal of your whole hair. So keep it for an hour. After one hour, wash your hair with shampoo. If you want to make your hair faster and thicker with this method. Then this method must be used twice a week.
Second Tips

For this we need first mustard oil. Which is in everyone's house. But we do not look at anyone's sincerity. Mustard oil contains plenty of vitamins and anti bacterial components. Which prevent hair bending. It also contains beta carotene and fatty acids. Which increases hair fast. Along with this it helps a lot to remove dandruff and allergy from the head skin. Now take 2 table spoons of mustard oil in a bowl. Then there is another very effective element in it. And this is Amalaki Powder. You can use raw Amalaki if you want. Amalakei contains lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Which strengthens the hair and hair growth. Fatty acid in it stops the hair fall.
And prevent hair breaks and hair follicles. Now one spoon Amalaki powder add it. Then it must be mixed well. Hair pack has been created. Before you go to bed at night, massage your head skin 5 to 10 minutes. This hair pack will be used only on the head of your head, ie skin. After doing 5 to 10 minutes of doing well, then get asleep as you like. And the next morning you wash your hair with shampoo. This hairpiece will give nutrients to your hair. This will solve all hair problems and hair loss. And your hair will be Dense, black and tall, using it. To get good results, this hair pack can be used for 2 days a week.

From here, add one hair pack to your regular routine. This will completely stop your hair fall and new hair will grow on your skin. The hair will be strengthened and the hair growth will help.

Hopefully following the tips, you will get the solution to this problem.

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