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The easiest way to increase digestion | The easiest way to increase digestive power | How digestive power can be increased | How to increase digestive power

The easiest way to increase digestion | The easiest way to increase digestive power | How digestive power can be increased | How to increase digestive power

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It is not restricted to our stomach only when the digestive power is weak. Gastric gases, acidity as well as our liver will not function properly. Or our hair stains, our hair is already ripe. And the body does not fully get nutrition. These are the symptoms of all weakened digestive energies. This is because if we have a weakening of cementing power for a long time, our body will become so weak that it will look lean, thin.

And this is why the digestive power is not strong enough to remove stomach diseases only. The body also reaches the required nutrition. That helps to create our beautiful, well organized body. Therefore, the tips I have for you today will nimural your weak digestion. So let's learn how you can make these tips. Just as we care about our hair and face. That's how we need to take care of digestion. Because strong digestive strength keeps our body healthy and active forever.
First of all you take the cardamom. All kinds of problems related to the stomach, such as gas like diseases, are kept away. Together it makes our digestion process very intense. Which is the fastest digested food we eat. With this our body gets emergency nutrition. And the cardamom is very easy to find in all the houses. You can also take out the seeds with the cardamom. You have to take seeds of cardamom along with a spoon. And give it to a clean bowl. After taking the cardamom, you take it Misri. Misri is similar to sugar.

It can also say a solid part of sugar. But sugar can not be taken. Misri you take a piece of quantity like this. And you'll get it from any grocery store. Then we will add the peppercorn here. peppercorn is very useful for increasing hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach. And that's what we have to do with the cure. And the food we eat is fast and well digested. Here, take a spoonful of peppercorns. And finally, which will be mixed, it's cumin. And remember that the cumin is dry. If you have cumin juice, then you will take it out.

cumin is very beneficial for stomach disorders. Take one spoon cumin. Now we will make those balls crumble. You can make these powder like a powder. It is very important to know how to use it and how to do it. Along with you, you will have to take care of some things. Which means your curing power will be okay. Every day you eat food. Eat the food slowly and chew. And eat dinner, never eat fast food or tea type foods. Eat nutritious food all the time.
As a result of this, your meal will be fast, as well as food properly digested. To apply these tips, take a bowl of yogurt here. You must take fresh yogurt. And mix it with half a spoon of Crushed. And mix it well. Which will increase your digestive power. 

Immediately keep your stomach clean. And after eating dinner, take 1 spoon of pepper per day. Eat better chew and chew. After using these tips for two weeks you will see that your potency energy has become much stronger than before. And your diet and proper digestion. And if your body feels lazy and weaker, it will also be removed.

Hopefully following the tips, you will get the solution to this problem.

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