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Top 07 Best App For Android 2018

Top 07 Best App For Android 2018

Best Android apps forever

The first application name is the WiFi Ear. With this application you can increase your listening capabilities like Superman. Do you think I'm having fun? But it's possible. That's why you need to install this app on two smartphones and two smartphones. After installing, you have to use a phone as a microphone. And use another phone as a speaker. Before you install the application, make sure you have a phone hotspot on the phone that you use as a speaker. And on the phone that you use as a microphone, WiFi will be connected to the phone's hotspot. 

Then you will need to install this application on the both phones. Then open it. After opening you will see two options in front of you. The first option is use as a microphone. Second option use as a speaker. Then on the phone you have WiFi on the phone you will need to click on use as a microphone. And on the phone you have hotspot on the phone, click on use as a speaker. After clicking on the phone, you will see the IP address and code number on the phone that you select the microphone. And on the phone that you have hotspot on, you need to click on use as a speaker. After Click you will hear how well your audio is being heard. and believe me guys It's so much responsible. The range of hotspots on your smartphone. You can hear very well if there is any talk in that range.

Click Here To Download: WiFi Ear App

The next application is a great app, I'll tell you something about it before you watch this video.

So you have seen that there is a lot of trouble working on the smartphone with the music editing video. But this work is very easy with this app. The name is ACID Beat, through guys you can make this type of video a few seconds. All you have to do is see the apps tutorials. And then you have to add your voice. But many simple. After you add voice when you click. Then your video has been created. I was surprised to see that its AI is so strong so easily it bits down. I do not know how to do it. But do whatever It's do very well. Here you will see 5 types of songs or music. So I would recommend that you download it. and upload it to Tik Tok by making the video.

Click Here To Download: ACID BeatBox App

It has happened to you ever? That's where you went somewhere to charge your phone. But come and see that someone opened it and charged his phone. And your phone charges remain the same as before. But this application is going to solve your problem. The name of the Anti Theft Charger. You can download and install it and open it. Then some permissions will be asked to you give it. And your battery will show percents. Generally, you have to set a pin code here. That's why you'll understand later. So, after giving code, you will charge your phone and turn on this anti theft app. It will be charged, but if someone opens the charger then you can hear the alarm on your phone. So you understand that your phone is open from the charge. And if you want to close it, you must give it a pin code or it will not be off. I will not recommend it to you. But you can use if you wish.

Click Here To Download: Anti Theft Charger App

The next application is a very nice app that I would recommend it to use. Because this app can create beautiful vfx with your own look and use it in different places. App name is Morphine. It is a very simple interface. Then you will see some scenes of the movie type. So first go here and click on a picture of your face. After clicking, you have to select a scene from here. After selecting, some vfx type will continue to be seen here. 

But to think that you must have your internet connection turned on. After a while you will see your face vfx. And you'll see some beautiful scenes in the background that are very awesome. It will basically show you the zip format. If you want to use it in your video or elsewhere then you have to do just that. There are many zip to video converter available in Playstore where you can simply convert them from there and happy. I personally like this vfx app you can use it.

Click Here To Download: Morphine App

The next app is very great, you see this seen in Dr Steze's seen or now you see me in the movie and how it Keep the rain down. Dr. Steze's how to turn his ring. MixV this application will make you a super hero. And this app tracks your hands or something very well. Whenever you open this app. Your back camera will be automatically opened. You have to come to the front camera. Then you will see some effect which is very nice but here my favorite effect is to Keep the rain down.

Click Here To download: MixV App

The next app name is Walloop. In it you will find a very nice live wallpaper. Some 4k and some emolled but this app is the only problem that some kids will need to unlock some wallpapers. If you want you can do it. But I will not recommend it at all. Because you can download some free wallpapers. Here the video may take a while to load. But downloading will not be a problem.

Click Here To Download: Walloop App

And the last application we have is wegglegr. With this you can convert video to 3d or zip version. All you need to do is create a zip or 3d or vidoe of the Particular object that you want to make a few points. After the video you can convert it to any version. You can put frames in it if you want. And zoom in or zoom out or crop. You can customize the means. 

You can also rotate it if you want. If you want to stavevilize. Which seems to be an exclusive feature of me. After some add-ons you save it, some formats will come in front of you that means you want to save it in a format. Very nice app and if you want to remove it's water mark then it will buy a pro version. i think it's do not need.

Click Here To Download: wegglegr App

This was some of the best Android apps hopefully you will benefit.

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