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Some Children Who Lived In The Jungle

Some Children Who Lived In The Jungle 

Some people are very fortunate in our world. Their birth is in the wealthy family. Their childhood passes happily and peacefully. From the time they take the word that they take to their parents immediately, because they have money or happiness, There is no lack of peace. The money, home, car or workman is always ready for them.

On the other hand, some people spend their lives in a very bad situation. Wherever their parents fall in war to meet the basic needs of their children. And when they see the wealthy people roaming in the car, they blame their own destiny. But friends, we have some children born in this world. Has not been seen far away from the happiness, they have not seen their mother's face. They did not have any civilized environment for the buses.

The fate of some children in the world was so bad that they did not spend their childhood with their parents or anybody. They have grown up among the terrible wild animals. And the surprising thing is that wild animals live with animals, they are not only alive but also The jungle animals have them up and raised them. And they taught them to adapt to wild life.

The Jungle

You might have seen the movie Jungle Book on TV. All these serials are a novel written by Rudyard Kipling, a writer written by Wright. But she got inspiration from writing a novel in 1948 from a 10 year old boy growing up in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh. This boy lived with a fox. No one can understand it. How did this child come to the fox? And how the violent fox did not kill him. But with all this, it was clear that the child never wanted to leave the fox together. However, in order to fix people, around in 850 year , they took him to human society. Then the boy's hand-footed nails became tough like a fox and he was very dangerous in the field of common man. He used to use his hands and legs together to run very fast and to wear big profits. In fact, he completely adapted to the life of jungle, himself. he self fox did think. yet he was forced to take him and try to make people. Even after spending some years he could not learn any language, but he could encroach some of them. Junkel's childhood life completely changed him, and that is why he could not cope with the people. And About five years later, at the age of 17, he died.

The Jungle
Belo Nigeria 

In the year 966, a wildlife photographer was taking pictures of the chimpanzee. And then he saw something that he was surprised to see. He see a human's baby in the chimpanzee .The child was about two years old and when the photographer wants to take the baby from the chimpanzee, attack him. And when this news is published in the newspaper. When a woman comes forward and claims that it is her child. She said that her ex-boyfriend was cheating on him and she became a mother unknowingly. That is why he was thrown out of the forest for fear of his family. From there, the baby was taken from the chimpanzees. The child was then taken from the chimpanzees in any way. The child screamed like a monkey. However, he is slowly learning the language of the human, and he was killed due to a heart attack at the age of 41 in 2005.

The Jungle
Oxana Malaya

This girl was found living in a with a dog in 1991. And at the time she was about eight years old. She lived with a dog for six years. When Malaya was two and a half years old, her drug addict parent turned her out of the house. Having lived with the dog for six years, she was like a dog in Mala. Malaya used to use her four hands and feet and she feared to have a tooth like a dog. And screamed like a dog and all his behavior almost became like a dog.

Marina America 

Marina was kidnapped from a South American village at the age of five. And those who had kidnapped her, left her in the jungle and left. And there he lived with the Monkeys for approximately five years. For this reason, all the movements of monkeys are seen in them. Like moving monkeys, it starts to scratch and eat the fruit of the jungle. Currently Marina lives in America. She is happily living with her husband and son.

The Jungle

This child was found in the jungle in 972. He was only four years old. Here Shandev plays with the fox's child and walks like them. He acknowledged a chicken like a fox and lived on his blood. She used to eat soil. and was rescued after Mother Teresa Charti. And there she started living like a human. Within a short time, she started learning about the language of the people and started talking. And she died at Mother Teresa Charity, around 985.

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