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Mysterious Stars In Space

Mysterious Stars In Space

Many years ago our world was thought to be a plain flat land. After the discovery of telescope in 1660, it is known that the Earth is the goal.  After many years, today we have been advancing with the help of technology and science. Yet we found out that only 100% of our space was 4%. That is, 96% of the universe is unknown to us. There are 100-200 million galaxies in the universe, one of which is Galaxy or Milky Way galaxy.

Milky Way galaxy's total number of planets is 100 billion Some of them are so miraculous and mysterious that humans are beyond thinking. Where there is a glass of rain and many suns seen in the sky. I know you do not know So about these planets we will discuss these planets today. So Let's move to the sky.

First of all you want to take the most terrible and unprecedented planet on which the name of HD189733 B. Scientists is called the Dark Blue. If you believe that this planet is inhabited by the living creatures of the planet, then you stop a bit. Because of this there is always rain But this rain is not like the rain of the earth. It is the glass rain. The beautiful blue color of this planet comes from the particle. Which is the planet The planet is in the orbit. The night side travels from the day site to the speed of eight thousand 700 kilometers per hour. Because of the magnitude of the magnitude, its atmosphere creates a lot of pressure and the silicon particle creates a tightly clotted glass that wounds you through it. That means, there will be no animal here in the end.

There is not only the rain there is a terrible storm that runs around two kilometer per second speed. That is, the speed of this is 7 times higher than the speed of the word. 63 light years away from the earth. The planet's warmth is 1000 degrees Celsius to 1700 degrees Celsius. Because it's circling its star very closely. So it is better to enjoy the beautiful blue color of this planet from far away.

This planet is called a star tail or a sun tail. Because this planet is not circling a star. This strange planet has given names to scientists named CF21. Its age is two to three billion years. The distance from CF21 to the Earth is 130 light years. In 2012, scientists found the planet and after studying a lot, scientists have found the reason why it is not circulating a star.

You will be surprised at what you hear. CF21 The largest planets in our solar system are 5 to 9 times larger than the planet Jupiter. This planet itself shine. Scientists estimate there are additional quantities of heavy items in this planet. CF21 creates ultra violet rays and releases its own warmth or heat to space. Hope you understand that such features are not in a planet. Generally this feature is seen in stars. So scientists can not decide what it is? CF21 is much larger than a planet.

Moreover, no planet can produce gas and it can not leave the space. But it can not be called a perfect star again. That is, it is a planet between planets and stars. Although its warmth is 400 degrees Celsius. Scientists believe that the planet has not yet cooled. Creating new. So it shine from far away. Scientists estimate that this planet will take millions of years to be fully formed and cold. Only then will a star begin to circulate. Due to nuclear reactivity, it is almost impossible to get closer to this planet. It is estimated that water and methane gas exist.

Do you think once! If we could see three suns in our sky, then what would have happened. I do not want you to know that. Because our nostalgic conditions in the heat of a sun's heat. But HD188753 is a planet that orbits three stars Circumambulate. That means if you go to this planet you will see three shades of yours. You will be seen with him many sunrises and sunsets.

This strange mysterious star system was found at the Centauras constellation, 300 million light years away. HD188753 is an XL Planet. Four times as heavy as Jupiter 1.6 million years old. The main star of the planet's solar system or their star name is HD188756A which is eight times more heavy than our sun. The other two stars continued to circulate each other. Their name is HD188753B and C. The main star, which has been traveling from small to two suns 40 to 60 million cms.

This planet takes 525 years to travel the stars one at a time. This distance is 10 times greater than Pluto's distance from our sun. Despite the distance from the Sun, the planet's warmth is 575 degrees Celsius. Scientists are conducting research to find out the reasons. If there are any animals or aliens like us on this planet, they can always enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets of three stars. For example, the two things that arise and fall in the sun are ours. Likewise, it may be possible for them to wake up the sun three times and to sit down three times is a normal thing. So it is said that the universe is full of mystery romance.

The WASP17B planet is called Puffy Planet or Hippo Planet. It is the largest planet in our solar system, which is 1.9 times larger than Jupiter. But its weight is only one third of the diameter of Jupiter. How much light is so much in spite of being so big in the form of a planet. It makes people wonder. And this feature has named this planet a hollow planet. Scientists have compared WASP17B to foam. If you throw this planet in a big pond, it will be floating.

Another surprising thing is that this big plastic ball is circled around the starter motion in its star. In simple words, it has a good reason to be in the opposite direction. This planet is only 7 million kilometers away from the sun. For this reason, the instant gravitational pool is made. As a result, this planet started to rotate in the opposite direction.

Scientists believe the WASP17B will start moving in the right direction after several years. Some of its scientists have reasons. But it is not fully proven, so I did not say anything else about it. The distance from this planet to 78.5 light years. On August 11, 2009, this planet was discovered. On December 8, 2013, it was marked as Pappy or Hollow Planet.

You will be surprised at all by knowing that This planet is increasing day by day. Because of this, scientists have not been able to guess correctly yet. As if a balloon is full of air. Suddenly the presence of water in it atmosphere was found.

This planet is called Saturn on the planet. Whose distance from Earth is 400 33.8 light years If your satire likes the ring for its ring But J1407B is obliged to give you a reward for the ring. This planet is called Superstatten or Lord of the Ring. Superstatten is said to be smaller than the Earth and the Sun. Its age is 16.01 million years. And the age of the world, you all know 4.543 billion years.

But in all, the planet is 30 to 40 times heavier than Earth. The planet's ring is two hundred times bigger than Saturn. These rings started from 30 million kilometers and spread over 90 million kilometers. The rings are usually made of dust stones. The J1407B is very hot in the planet that is 1000 to 2000 degrees Celsius.

According to Professor Kane Oyarthi, "After three or four million years from now, the rings will be destroyed and the big stones will be clamped together by X-Munus which will create groups in the moon." You might be surprised to hear that the radius of this planet is more than the distance from Earth to Saturn.

That is, if we change the planet Saturn we will bring Super Saturn. Then we will see the rings in the sky standing on the earth. Haitaba will look more bright and beautiful than the moon.

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