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You Know How Strong Your Sperm Is?

Do you know You only have 37.5 MB DNA data in one microscopic size sperm. The color of your eyes in this 37.5 MB DNA is your hair color. Your skin tone is the ability to cure some of the higher fear of reptiles. Your growth is your personality, your personality is all about your lifestyle style. Fifty Percent Genetic Test Papa is like a quality baby, and like the rest of the 50 mothers. And your life experience is determined by your future. The article is going to be very interesting and you only have to pay attention to understanding it.


So now there is an ejaculation or once masturbation shows 20 million to 30 million sperms. And if you have a genetic information of 37.5 MB of sperm, then think about how much transfer you can give to masturbation or an ejaculation. Around fifty hundred terabytes of which 7500 can fill a pen drive. And from this one ejaculation you get 20 to 30 million sperm from just 37.5, so that you or I have come from. This 37.5 MB data gets complete when it comes to mother's 37.5 MB data. And from this 37.5 MB genetic information it is made of human embryo and parents have copies of two DNA copies.


When a new baby is created, there is a possibility that both of these children may behave or be sober. And remember that when you next time you go to transfer data from your pen drive, you will check how the socket can be. And this same thing applies to USB socket. That means first check the pen drive's validity and then be sure to insert the insert. Then you can understand what I mean. And this is the reason for which the attempt is made before the marriage, whether the boy or the girl comes from a good family, and you do not agree, how you can cope with life's problems, or how you will judge in a partial situation, it is already written for you.

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Which is perfectly matched to our ancient men. But there are some epigenetic changes among us ie our parent's living in the environment is a common factor in the effect of our mother's father's hydrating effect and in us. This is not a genetic mutation, it goes straight to your baby when it is not in your future generation. One study found that during the post-World War II or World War II, when there was a famine and crop production, those living organisms that were born at that time were found to have heart disease and diabetes. So the effect of environment and practice is on the kids, and it affects the male's fertility and sperm quality. Those who do this should stop it. Because men have not been alone to establish relationships with women.

Think once you have a few thousands of sperm in your ejaculation and all of them are unique and all are different. Each of them is different because five out of five spam, five will have different characters, that means you have different data in each of your 30 million transcelets, and among them, the place that can be developed will increase your breeding. So we should refrain from these. And such a great, full genetic information. If you destroy it for a few minutes of happiness, it is a very risky and hated thing for your offspring. At this time, you may understand that your semen or cement is not just a white sticky substance that you feel ashamed or talked about. And in your cement, your ancestors and even your own qualities are included. Your child who comes after you, despite and setting the way, is showing the way.

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So respect for semen it is not something to hate. And never to destroy the toilet. Because it has been donated to you as a gift to God. And secondly try to do your best as possible. When you throw a bag of sacks of cigarettes. Then your lifestyle is encoded by your Spermatogenesis Center, where sperm is produced. And that's when you drink alcohol, beat up, do bad things, talk bad about someone behind, or leave someone in a bad state. The effect of these qualities that you are living on is the effect of your genetic makeover. And it brings an f agent change as a life style signal in your DNA.

Pan Drive

Which is encoded inside your sperm, goes as a genetic gift or a family gift between your son or daughter. And that's why our ancestors said that always be good, and stay away from bad things, look at her family before looking for a wedding. I had the duty to tell my brother that I have done the duty to give you enough knowledge of religion. Now you want your pen drive to know how to use your USB port. But keep in mind that DNA data should not be allowed to be lost.

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