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Gmail storage full? Know what to do

Gmail storage full? Know what to do.

Storage Full

Gmail's Match Fair for sharing important information. Gmail has been a gatekeeper in terms of general staffing, protecting all important information. Not only that, sometimes WhatsApp Messenger, like Instagram, Facebook, it works. Apart from sharing information, there is a chance to highlight important information and save it here.

Phone can not be opened without Gmail address. This step is required in every step of Gmail. But, when the level of interchange is reached, the problems are created. Many people may have encountered such problems. Where the user is told through massage, Gmail storage flowers. No other way would be possible to communicate. But, what would you do if you had such problems?

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To make room for new items, you can clear the space from Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos. Follow steps to clear. Remove the big e-mails completely from the inbox.

Also, many annoying e-mails inbox are filled up for a long time. You can increase the space by deleting them. Apart from this, there will be another option. Buy storage plan. You can update the monthly or annually storage plan. There is a chance to cancel the plan if necessary.

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