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Strange Some Prank Videos

Strange Some Prank Videos

Generally, people have created various types of videos for YouTube. And many of them make Prank video. Prank is an event that is falsely misconstrue. Uploaded by recording what its reactions are. So there is some prank in this prank that is likely to cause major damage. Many people are physically or mentally hurt.

All of us know that Revenge Pranks are a bit more strange type. So Generally, these two brothers decide to prank with one of their girlfriends. That is, they say that one brother will tell his girlfriend that he has got involved with another girl. And that girl has become pregnant. And after saying this, she wanted to see what her girlfriends reaction was.

But the real event is not there, this prank is actually double prank. His brother contracted with his girlfriend to prank with him. So, according to their plan, after telling her brother that her brother's girlfriend would be excited to hear this. And she will suicidal fake. That is, she will be hiding in a room and after a dress like him, another person will lie Video The subject is many interesting Right? So let's see their reactions so.

In general, any child is the world's most expensive to his parents. And if something happens to the child, parents can not stay healthy. And in this event a child is prank with his mother's reaction to see. Roman Artwork, a YouTube user Plans with his child This is a prank. This video was uploaded to YouTube in 2015. Father and child in Prank Prank with his mother. Her father bought a new four wheeler car For the child. And that was the complete remote control. 

But his mother did not know it. So, according to their plan, the child will sit car and her mother will go somewhere else. And at that time the child will be hiding. And putting a doll change of a child the accident will be done in the car. So their plans are twisted like that. At first he broke down. But at the end, the child's mother was holding that it was a prank. And there was no way to be happy about it.

In this prank, Robin Burral, a YouTube user, went to his girlfriend's room after seeing the killer costume to see his girlfriend's reaction. And when her girlfriend goes to the bathroom to take a bath, she does it. And wait to see when her girlfriend will come out and fear her. But the end result of this phenomenon was just fine. But only a little bit of it could have caused major damage. Because her girlfriend was scared enough and fear enough to kill a man.

This prank was uploaded in 2017 on a channel AS Prank. And in this project, this person and his friend plan to prank their girlfriend on top of it. Plan was that he would lie on his shirt and his friend would be sitting close to him. And it will be done when her girlfriend come from outside At that moment. But when her girlfriend came to see it, she took it very seriously. And the situation goes out of control. Even when her girlfriend was told that it was a prank. Still, her girlfriend could not believe the incident. And she could not control herself, bringing her pistol to the boy friend to shoot.

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