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Top 6 Best Places In World

Top 6 Best Places In World

What do you do to work long time Feeling a Wave. The mind is not sitting in work. So now you need to turn around for a few days. Otherwise you will go to depression. But do not worry about where to go. Because today you will know about some of the wonderful places of the world. Which will remove your tension one by one. Let's take a look at those places in the world. That would surprise to surprise you like me.

Top 6 Best Places In World
Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia
Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni is a scenic landscape scene. This is a chariot. If you come here, you'll feel like you're in the sky. It looks like the cloud over your head is under the feet and clouds. Here you can walk, You can drive. Then you will feel that you are keeping cars in the clouds. You will not find this strange feeling anywhere.

Actually, this is not the reality. In reality this layer is covered with salt layer. The area of ​​this region is 10, 582 square kilometers. Such a wide area is covered with salt, so the chariot works like a big mirror. That is why the sky seems to be beneath your feet. Many people came here to visit this specialty. Many people came to apply for photography trick. And take different types of photos.

Top 6 Best Places In World
Palmukel, Turkey 
This place in Turquir's palmukel is really strange. There are 17 natural hot spring or warm springs. This festive spring water has been here for thousands of years. These proposals contain plenty of calcium, which is deposited on the shores of the thousands of years. As a result, the springs are shaped like swimming pools. The flowers are made of calcium carbonate or limestone, very white to look at.

The temperature of this whites spring is up to 35 degrees C to 100 degree Celsius. And drinking water of this type of warm water causes great harm to our body, especially the skin. This is why many people visit here.

Top 6 Best Places In World
Fly Geyser, Nevada 
In 1964, it was suddenly created while digging the soil to do a company job. Which is growing slowly. Fly Geyser is located in Nevada, United States of America. It always leaves water out of it. Fly Geyser is now about five feet high. Until 2014 it was 2.7 meters or 12 feet. Therophilic is responsible for being so beautiful black outside the elge. Those who grow well in a warm and warm environment.

Top 6 Best Places In World
Catetumbo Lightning, Venezuela  
This chariot located southwest of Venezuela. The river has come in one corner. Lightning with the brightest light in the world this chariot and river meets. About 140 to 160 days a years electricity is also about 10 hours a day. You will be surprised if you know more. There are 200 flashlights for every hour. Lightning speed pick-up is from May to October. People passing by this chariot enjoy this wonderful scenery. Due to the lack of such light, there are so many adventurous people going to Marichibo Lake to see this strange scene of flashing power on the chariot.

Top 6 Best Places In World
Magnetic Hill, Ladakh
Suppose you parked cars in one place and went around. After an hour, your car is not there. So what will you continue? First come to your head someone has stolen the car. Right? But if you park the car in Ladakh on this hill. After a while, the car does not get in its place. Then do not tension.

Maybe your car has pulled this magnetic heel toward its own. How it is done is still a mystery. Scientists believe that this mountain has magnetic strength which pulls cars up to twenty kilometers faster. If you keep the car neutral here and you start running it. Not only Ladakh This is happening in some other places in the world.

Top 6 Best Places In World
Rainbow Mountains , China 
Rainbow Mountain located in Xayenge, China. Its height ranges from two to three thousand 800 meters. This beautiful mountain attracts millions of tourists every year to attract her beauty. If you are watching these hills for the first time, then you might think it's a big canvas painting picture. Now maybe you might have questions about how beautiful colors came on the hill.

The hill was built by the third Sea era with sand, stone and sedimentary rock. Which was stored before the creation of the Himalaya mountain. It also has iron, oxide and other minerals. Afterwards, long periods of atmospheric and chemical reaction were created by the different colors. As you see, all the beauty of the world is that all colors are centered around it. In 2009, the UNESCO Heritage Site was included for the wonderful beauty.

So friends, please tell me on comment box which of these places are the most loved by you.

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