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World 10 Best Places Made By Humans

10 best places made by humans: Nature has created many things in our world which we have to wonder. Unlikely beautiful mountains, rivers, springs, and many other unknown unknown things. But what you are going to show today is not the nature. Rather, some structures like giving something strange and startling to humans
Top 10 best placesOur technology is moving so fast that we are not able to think about things that are being created. Today I will talk about 10 best places made by humans

World Top 10 Place
Glass bridges
One of the numbers, the world's highest and tallest glass bridge in has been built in China. They are always in discussion due to their activities. This glass made pool is set in two hills. There is no risk related problem because the bridge is made of very good quality glass. Here people come from different parts of the world to see it. And those who have a little weakness, it is normal to have a little problem in riding this bridge.

Because the bridge is made of pure transparent glass. To test, the truck weighing over 2 tons was seen on the bridge. The 300 meters above the ground, each square 3 meter tall, 4.5 meter wide and 15 millimeter thick Temper glass has been used.

World top 10 place
Glass hotels
There are two numbers, a transparent glass making hotel hanging on the hills in Peru. Because the hotels are made of transparent glass, it does not have the courage to climb it. 25-feet long capsule made by strong aluminum and polkernnet is made. There is a separate room inside the capsule. Among which are the benefits of bathroom. Those who like adventure can go out to this hotel.
For those who want to go, I say, "It will not be easy to go here." Because if you want to go here you will have to climb up to 400 feet tall. And to spend one night here you have to spend around 30 usd Dollar. And for this reason, this hotel is very famous for the world's adventure lovers.

World top 10 place
Glass platform
There are three numbers, the world's tallest making glass platform in China. As already mentioned, no one can compare with China for construction work. Another example is a huge glass platform located on a mountain in Beijing. This platform has been built because of the beauty of the Jingang jungle from here.

This platform is located above 300 feet above the ground. This is the world's tallest making glass platform. Which is hovering up to 160 feet above the hill. Titanium is used for the first time to build this structure. This metal is very light and is relatively long lasting from other metals.

World top 10 place
Road of death
There are four numbers, the road of death on Tiananmen Mount. If you are adventurous. But you can not have a better option than this glass road on the Tiananmen Mount of China and the other. The structure is located 47 feet above the ground. The road made for this SkyWalk will not only give you adventure and romance, but also test your courage. The road is about 200 feet long because of hanging above zero.

People from different parts of the world come to enjoy the beauty of a strange place. But sad news is that only a small number of people can dare to walk on this road. The glass used to make the road is 2.5 inches thick and 3 feet wide. From here, the beauty of the Tianeman hills is best enjoyed. Before riding on it, all tourists have to open shoes. So that the road is clear.

World top 10 place
Fruit Crack Wheel
Five is in the number, you can sit on the ground for an unfinished half-bridge on the first look. But after a long time you will realize that this is the only board lift on earth. Which can revolve around A special machine that is used to transfer the board from one place to another. That means the voting lift is used for board transfer from one river to another.

Voting lift is used where the water can not be taken to the streets. It takes about an hour for a normal lift to do this. But this fruit can do this work in a few minutes by Crick Wheel. The Fruit Creek Wheel was first used in 2002.

World top 10 place
Floating bridge
There are six numbers, The country's longest floating bridge is located in Manirampur of Jessore, Bangladesh. The bridge is four feet wide and about one thousand feet long. The bridge has been used in 18 iron angles and 15 tons steel pages. And 339 large plastic drums. This is the first floating bridge in Bangladesh.

World top 10 place
sky deck chicago 
There are seven number, The tallest sky in America is a 103-storey glass making transparent platform. It is called a skydack. The platforms like this large balcony can carry up to 5 tons of weight. It can stand up to 5 people at a time. The balcony at 353 feet high From the whole of Chicago the beauty is enjoyed very beautifully.

And if the weather is clean then it can be seen from here to the second US state. Even if this balcony breaks the glass, it will be safe. Because of this, a few leers have been used.

World top 10 place
Swiming to zero
There are eight number, The Swimingpool is located on the 36th floor of InterContinental Dubai Festival Hotel. Which is hanging out in the void outside the walls. The walls and floors are made of very strong and transparent glass. Through which the beauty of Dubai city can be enjoyed very well. Very good views of Dubai's high-rise buildings are available. Among which the Burj Khalifa belongs.

World top 10 place
Capillano Bridge
There are  nine number, Capillano Bridge in Canada's Northern Van Kopa It is one of the most exotic and attractive bridges in the world. Evergreen has gone through on a river. The bridge is 460 feet tall, which is very safe and the bridge can carry 96 elephants together.

About 9 lakh tourists come to see the bridge every year. And the bridge is specially arranged in the formal days. But the departure of the bridge will be your brave test.

Twisted Tower
Twisted Tower If you look at this strange installation you will think that this may be your Illusion. But Dubai's Kayan Tower was built just like this. Which cost $ 272 million to build.

This building has taken engineering to a next level. The 300m high and 70-storey twisted tower from below to the bottom. The first time people find that people are shocked or Illusion.

So friends hope we like this world 10 best places made by human collection. So now you have world 10 best places made by humans Share Our collections with your friends.

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