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Top 10 Android Deferent Launcher 2019 | Best Android Launcher Forever

First of all, some of these launchers will save your batteries, some of which are good styles. So choose your preference.

Android launcher

1. Neno Launcher

Download Neno Launcher:

It's just a 2MB launcher. After installing, do not exceed 2 to 4 MB from your phone. So if your phone's internal storage is less then this launcher is best for you. Although the MB is low, you will not get any less of this Launcher feature. The app icons are very well arranged. And The apps you use more often This launcher will add to the automatic home screen. You can lock the screen by double clicking on the Launcher. You can configure more. Then small,big icons will get only 2 MB.

2. Peek Launcher

Download Peek Launcher:

This is a very simple Launcher. Here you will find the App Install option. And in seconds, the T9 dial pad used to be used in the previous phones. But with this dial pad you can find any app very quickly and open it. For example, Whatsapp starts with Wh. So you need to enter 94 in the search box. Very simple Launcher. Although you will not get many features but get a feature that I like very much. That's what T9 is like to mix it with your wallpaper. Just like you put a wallpaper of Blue and Black color. So change the T9 pad color with it. So it's pretty cool to see your wallpaper.

3. Power+ Launcher

Power Plus Launcher:

Although it will not help with your App Launcher. But with a lot of help to save batteries. Think of an app that you used long ago. Not doing it right now but running the phone's background, the battery is damaging the charge. Then it will automatically remove that app from the background. You can get more features here. For example, reducing power on mobile, switching to automatic WiFi, Bluetooth switching will be done. Overall is a good launcher to save battery.

4. Swipe Launcher

Download Swipe Launcher:

It's basically not a full feature launcher. It works on another launcher. As you are using Nova Launcher or Peek Launcher or any other launcher. So if you use Swipe Launcher, you can get talk options in the bottom left and bottom right of your phone. Where you will find the option to change the setting by swipe. You can open Recents and Most Use app here. And there you will find more options. For example, you can use this on the Launcher home screen or at any other launcher. Here's what I like most that you use any Launcher or any app, you can use these beautiful features using this Swipe Launcher.

5. Off Launcher

Download Off Launcher:

Actually it can be called O F Launcher. And here you will find very colorful designs. Swiping more features like left clicking will give you options. Right Swipe will show your apps. This launcher is very good to use in one hand. And if you want to customize further you will get the setting. And if you want to create a folder of separate apps. For example, separate folders for the Internet and different folders for Camera can also be done. And with the wallpaper you can give you a beautiful look. So if you want a launcher that can be used very easy. And there will be separate wallpapers and different features of separate color. Then you must install this OF Launcher.

6. Buzz Launcher

Download Buzz Launcher:

This launcher is for them Many of whom customize with one And like one click. You have seen many videos on YouTube. Where he shows how to customize his home screen. Such as where he planted the wallpaper, from where he used the theme. So all this thing you get automatic in this launcher. You will find many themes when you install this Launcher. But there is a theme that can be customized with one click. For example, you will get the visits. This is an Additional Launcher visitor. So you can put an icon pack by customizing these two. For example, if you want to put your message's icon in place of Whatsapp. For example, there is a KWLP App. The app will feel a lot more of you if you do not want to invest money. So you must install Buzz Launcher.

7. FastKye Launcher

Download FastKye Launcher:

It's Basically Like A Peek Launcher Where you can search the app. Where you got the T9 dial pad at Peek Launcher. And here you will find your full format keyword. If you have to open your Facebook, search for Facebook and open any other app then search by typing his name. Here you will not be given any customization options. If you want to use a very simple one, you can install this app.

8. A15 Launcher

Download A15 Launcher:

This is a Word Cloud Launcher. When you install this launcher, you will not have an app icon visible to you. But you'll find it in Text Bate format. And there will be a ward cloud. As the app you use more, it will show the text larger. And those you used very little, they will look very small. So you can install it simply.

9. Anole Launcher

Download Anole Launcher:

This launcher is for those who love their privacy very much. If there is an app you do not want to show to your friend or family member. Then this Launcher is for you. Because it hides those apps. If you are giving your phone to someone else, But you do not have to delete those apps. You can make him a new launcher in the same launcher. So that only the apps that you want to show will appear. This Launcher Best For Privacy. If you have any apps that you want to hide. then you can install this launcher.

10. Lens Launcher

Download Lens Launcher:

Basically it's a different launcher. All apps will be on your home screen. you can swipe, the computer will zoom in Effect. It's a Definitely to use. But if you want a computer Zoom In Effect you can install this launcher.

So this was some of the best Android launcher. Which are completely different from the usual launcher. Hope you like it. Be sure to comment.

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