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The World's Top 5 Tech Giant

In the previous couple of decades, we have seen the rise of a few tech organizations. These new gadgets, apps, services have changed the way we live our lives. Many of the world's top ten tech giants have not changed. The top technology companies are at the top with the latest technology.

1. Apple is introducing the company to Apple. The present market capital of the company is $ 1.1 trillion. Tim Cook is the current CEO.
Apple Logo
Apple Logo (Photo: Collected) 

2. Amazon: Amazon is the second largest retailer selling online products. The online book Specially respected for sale. Amazon is currently in the market Itala ayamajanera 962 billion US dollars, is the current CEO Jeffrey Preston amazon.

Amazon logo
Amazon logo (collected).

3. Microsoft: Originally a desktop computer Microsoft is the third most popular for operating system Windage. Microsoft is currently being recognized for computer production. The current market capital of the company is 883 billion US dollars. | True Nadella, current CEO of Microsoft - Microsoft.

Microsoft logo
Microsoft Logo (collected) 

4. Alphabet (Google): Google's parent company Alphabet is in fourth place. The current market capital of the company is 839 billion US dollars. Alphabet's current CEO Larry Page and CEO of Google is a nice picha.

Alphabet logo
Alphabet logo (collected)

5. Facebook: Facebook is the fifth most popular social networking site in the world. The current market capital of the company is 460 billion US dollars. Facebook's current CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook.

Facebook logo
Facebook Logo (Collected) 

Note: That the list was considered in the company's market capitalization till October 2016.

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