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Offer data on Facebook your record might be hacked

Offer data on Facebook your record might be hacked

Facebook hacked

Facebook account may be hacked unknowingly. This is the problem of people living in Hazara every day. So Facebook is a popular social networking site. Besides, especially for people who are living outside the country, It's important to get them to Facebook. We have social media in our country. All the important information, pictures, pictures should not be pested properly on your own, family or friends. Because by this you can lose your Facebook account. Have you been the victim of any hacking? Let's know how to keep Facebook safe.

  • Phone Number

 Is the phone number to open an account on Facebook. If the hacker knows this number in any way, then there is danger. For this, keep the privacy of the phone number prefiels' hidden.

  • Birth date

Is good on Facebook to get the birthday wishes. So keep the date of all the information public! With this date of birth you can be the victim of hacking. If you have a desire to show the date of birth on Facebook, you can keep it 'Happy' by keeping the date 'Public'.

  • Plan

A few days after the plan was a big event. Or go somewhere to visit. Avoid sharing information on Facebook. Stay here Because hackers or cyber criminals using this information can cause events in the account of hacking, stealing, robbery, robbery and kidnapping.

  • Post of a picture of the family 

Of the pest family on Facebook is a little restrained Because these pictures you have given There may be several types of websites. May be used for various criminal activities. So be careful caution now.

  • Location

Before hacking a victim hacking, hackers were watching the user's movements. Check-in or Locking Shares on Facebook in a big way. That's the hackers At any time, using this information can lead to a disaster in the name of theft, robbery, robbery or abduction.

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