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National games board ladies assault of the gold winning ladies!

National games board ladies assault of the gold winning ladies! 


The nation's diplomat to play an amusement When he goes to play abroad, the nation conveys the banner. Be that as it may, on the off chance that the competitor is slighted, the discourtesy of the nation. Unfortunately it occurred. Indeed, even in the Khhed Federation Sanjay is a lady vritolak who has been assaulted in a cell in Bangladesh's Vartalan Federation. The National Sports Council has taken an activity to assault a rising lady Vaaratolak in the Puraina Bhaban against the organization's office right hand Saheg Ali. 

The occurrence occurred on September 13, however today went to the Federation of the Sambar and sorted out a formal challenge against the ladies' play area family. In light of the battle, a three-part request board has been established by the VaraTolan Federation. The board of trustees has a VP and two individuals from the organization. The lady, who has lost her psychological parity since the episode, has won the gold decoration in the Vartapallol National Club. He is presently admitted to National Mental Health Institute. 

In 2015, Sanjayi of Vartaloli, the national club, in the town of Varaetolak, in Comilla, Comilla. The young lady who originated from a poor family went to the games and had numerous fantasies. Vartalolan, as a methods for mitigating neediness, needed to land a position by indicating execution. The episode occurred on 13 September. As indicated by Family wellsprings of Varatolok, assault happened on the four stories of the National Sports Council in Old Dhaka. In this episode, the group of the Varaetolan Federation has taken an ejection against Saheg Ali, the workplace right hand of the Vahatolak family. It is realized that the amusement was played on September 15. 

The training was for September 13. Amid this time, Sajag took the young fellow to the National Sports Council on the four stories of the National Sports Council for the talk by weakening the activity. Ali. The entryway was secured a room before going into something he could get it. 


Her family has ridden by worker Malek and another lady, who got assaulted and consumed to Vattholak space. The episode has been known to her family's fortunes significantly later. Bits of gossip don't tell anybody in the event that she returns home. The unfortunate casualty is a lady who is startling. In any case, he was rationally separated. 

His conduct and discourse ended up deficient. On Oct 10, he attempted to submit suicide by suffocating in the lake behind the house and discovered the matter of the familyit. From that point forward, treatment was being completed with town verse. Yet, after the physical condition deteriorated, he was admitted to the psychological healing facility ICU on October 23 from Dhaka town. Multi day later it is taken in the bed. There it is presently running Her treatment A specialist at the doctor's facility said that because of a forceful enthusiastic stun, But his condition is currently on the way of enhancement. 

The National Mental Health Institute and the unfortunate casualty's campaign to remain in the hall of the doctor's facility, 13 Saheg destroyed my little girl by calling the act of September. He returned toward the beginning of the day and returned at around 3 o'clock and from that point on he looked anxious. Sooner or later, my body was enduring. Suppose the medication of fever. Be that as it may, what does not say anything. After a great deal of October 9 on my papataya sibling to all open to the spouse. For what reason did not document a case even after? Mother's answer, 'Really, the young lady has a future. 


We won't go to the suit-Mkkdma in light of the fact that everything will be hurt on the off chance that we wind up mindful of it. The injured individual's life has turned into a definitive option since the following day. She kept on acting in a condition of frenzy, her mom said that she would not like to keep garments all over. She was inclined to drinking water, and she was all around bolstered. After endeavors to attempt her, the Vartalak was conceded on October 23. Psychological well-being Institute and Hospital. For over multi month there has been .d.a. The specialist said that he has had an insane condition from the enormous 'stun'. 

The state of the patient is terrible. Presently the circumstance has enhanced marginally. Meanwhile, the mother of the unfortunate casualty stated, 'Saheg had helped Malek and advancement on that day. Wail). ' Saheg Ali, the representative of two assistant games board, was on leave and advancement was on vacation, in the Kal-Federation. He declined to take inappropriate behavior procedures against Saheg, saying, 'I don't know anybody in this (name of the young lady). I have been working here for a long time. He is clear in the expressions of Vice-President Wing Commander Mohiuddin, who is in the Federation. He can perceive Varatatholak, The uncle today (yesterday) came Federation.I heard them say. For what reason is the occurrence happened such a great amount of later in September? Be that as it may, a portion of our kin went to the healing facility to hear this news. On the off chance that he is a young lady, he ought to be recuperated first. Five thousand rupees have been given to the alliance for treatment. Actually, if the leagues perceive the young lady, Saheg Ali did not know in the wake of investing the entire energy in the alliance. 


I have stated, I didn't do this like. The intrigue is against me. Be that as it may, Col. Nazrul Islam, general secretary of the Vartalton league, said in a strict position, "I heard the young lady's story. She is experiencing treatment at the healing facility. We have established a request advisory group driven by Vice President Wing Commander Mohiuddin Shah, and will be an individual from the board with Shahriya Sultana record. They will examine the entire thing, at that point the move will be made. In the event that anybody is discovered blameworthy, we are against him. Take it Common laws of the nation can likewise be rebuffed. Amid the examination, the activity of Saheg was put off. In the mean time, the dread of social disgrace and police badgering, the lady Vartottal's family has not documented a case yet. In any case, they went to the alliance to declare the outing. 

League VP Wing Commander Mohiuddin Ahmed Pure said that he will make a move to examine the issue and said he will set up a request board of trustees. The alliance stated, until the point when the examination is finished. The suspended Saheg's activity will be deferred. In the then, the vanishing of the blamed Saheg in the wake of assaulting. The representative, who was charged for the situation, has been seen until Sunday The organization has said it isn't even accessible on the telephone.

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