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Mars foot NASA Insight Robot

Mars foot NASA Insight Robot

Nasa robot

Happy researchers showing the principal picture of Insight Rabett's content. NASA's new Rabat, a US space research organization, has landed successfully on Mars soil. It took 7 minutes to land from the atmosphere to the surface. Inside the raybot, the footbaths and images have been started by sending the 'Red Earth Planet' foot, according to the BBC.

NASA has launched a campaign to get information about the vibrations and the inner circle of Mars from the temperature. The American Space Research Organization said, the Greenwich Standard. It's a nightmare of 7:45 pm (Bangladesh time at 1 pm 53 minutes) Insite's ribbon is called Mars.


Immediately after landing, the mission's control room is located in California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (JPL) scientists burst into joy. NASA's Chief Administrator James Breedenstein insisted on the successful landings of Insight as "an unforgettable day".

US President Donald Trump has greeted scientists on the phone. The Rabatt is now in a broad, flat area of ​​Mars; The area near the illiterate line is called 'Elişia Planicaia', BBC reported.Even at the time of entering Mars's atmosphere, its speed was more than the speeding bullets.

The challenge was then - to reduce the speed of safely landing on Mars. Inside the challenge within a minute, a combination of a thermostat, parachute and rocket, the challenge emerges. NASA said they wanted to know the information about Mars's tremor with the French British Siemmemeter in Rabat.

Nasa robot

Through this, the concept of red planet center can be found. It can be known, about the framework of the underlying objects of Mars. Radio transmission system has been placed in the insight ribbot to know how the planet vibrates around its axis. NASA wants to dig its planet to red, to understand how active Mars is.

That's why the raybat has been added to excavate the machine up to 5 meters. "If you take a common egg and cooked eggs and they are frozen together, they will see their vibrations differently, because of the presence of the fluid in the egg, until today, we do not know whether the center of Mars is made of liquids or something difficult.

It's great how insight tells us these information. "NASA's Deputy Projectist Scientist scored the score.

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