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Complaint of GDPR violation against Google

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Google has violated the new privacy law by tracking millions of users' movements - In this campaign, the Netherlands and Poland, and five EU member states, 

have called for privacy regulators to take action against US Web giant. Google has a lawsuit in the United States about smartphone tracking without the need of privacy settings.

Calling agencies are Czech Republic, Greece, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden's voters. There were also rights organizations. They have submitted their excursions through the national data protection authority of their country. This campaign was submitted on the basis of a study conducted by Norwegian-based Vendor Rights Organization.

The European Consumer Organization (BEUC) campaign, introduces Google users in several ways to launch 'Recognition History' and 'Web and App Activation' from settings. These options are integrated with Google users' accounts.

BIUC ​​said on behalf of the different rights groups of different countries, "These unfair practices keep customers in the dark about their personal data."

" This exercise is called the General Data Protection Regulation or. The GEPR does not agree to the GDP ".

The EU creates a GDPP policy to increase user control over the users' use of data, and Google's spokesperson said," Locking history is already closed, and you can edit it at the time of the edit And if it is on, then it is known to the users what their route is Naera matae helps improve service. "

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