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At long last, Mashrafe advised the explanation behind coming to politics

At long last, Mashrafe advised the explanation behind coming to politics


Bd News: Mashrafe, captain of Bangladesh's national ODI team Bin Mortaza The country's most successful till now He is also captain. In the forthcoming parliamentary elections, the ruling Awami League has received the nomination - it is the old news. He will fight his own alka Narail-2 seat. But after collecting the statement, Mash did not utter a word about this. Finally, he broke the silence and said on the site of the protection. 

Bd news 24: The reason for coming to politics through a long status on Sunday (November 25th) at 9pm on its own variaphyued Facebook page. Explains the Bangladesh captain. Today is 018 This is what cricket has played in almost half an age, through life. Played. Never updated I do not want to go up to the next World Cup. The rest is God's will. The persecution of politics was within me. 

Because, always. believe, the development of the country without politics. Not very fast. I played cricket, got your wilhabasa. Otherwise, it would have been lost in 2011. This Mashrafei does not live long. The welfare I received from you in 2011 has helped me run for seven years. For me, people have come to me in front of me To do something. 

Bangla newspaper: I do not even know what is waiting for me for four and a half years after the World Cup. So I have time I have evaluated. I heard the call of time. Because I believe, it should be done during the working time. It was not good to see Bangabandhu, but knowing about him, I grew up with perception. By studying, listening to many people, as much as I know, have kept them in their heart. And the consciousness of the war of liberation is my family - my body, my mind - in the brain - in the brain Now, Bangabandhu - daughter-in-law Sheikh Hasina is doing development work, she wants to do something for my area. If I can not do it, then I will feel like I'm not doing justice to my area.

I'm deprived. As far as social responsibility is done to play cricket; I think that's not enough. I have always been looking forward to doing bigger things and politics is giving me that opportunity. To hurt the person or corner in the corner, I am I'm not in politics Whoever will live a beautiful life with his ideals, a tolerant and cooperative political culture will prevail between mutual brotherhood, that is my intention. 

Many are asking questions, why we will come to politics in our opinion! To be honest, I do not know how I am, My acquaintance as a good man. It spreads through my mind, and I am a good man. Talking about two things, 'Talking about negativity with your balls by offering a few happy moments, two people are involved If you are a good man, then just like this I did not want to be a good man. 

Actually I'm a man, I believe, that In front of trial. If I can win the elections and my party form the government, then My actions will be reflected in how well I am. | I know, the easier it is to say, rather than showcase it. Too big challenge. But I did not fall back to take the challenge. 

I could have lived in my innate environment. But I dream, in my area Let people move forward in the path of prosperity. Allee spread on the Narail people. I want rich Narail. The hardships that I have suffered on the way, I am in front of my beloved Narailbasira. My daughter has been a week before buying a certificate I take the largest hospital in Bangkok. 

Went there That capability has given me Allah. But I thought, about that man, which is a lot more complicated Even if he is attacked, he is not getting treatment. I I thought that boys and girls, who are talented, can not go from the mofussil to the higher education level. Think of the people eating the kate, who do not get much time due to working hard day and night. 

I believe that all the conscious, fair and well-intentioned people of Bangladesh should come to politics. Many people can not be brave, due to various reasons, mental Limitation. I felt that the wall of emotional blockage was necessary. I took the initiative to fulfill the inner tension. 

Mashrafe's position, which was formed in the middle of the quarter, is being questioned by several people today, due to the question of being politicized. But for me, In the prospect of something new, I hope I can do something that will see thousands of Mashra in the future Inshallah, I repeat fees will come forward, but I do not want to hurt konae individual or group claimed kebala time asa metanaera're trying to do is, you can go forward with bhalaebasa innings apanadera support me and want to be drenched in prayer.

Bangla: ধন্যবাদ মাশরাফি ভাই আপনার মতো মানুষই দরকার বাংলার রাজনীতিতে।
(Thank you Mashrafe brother, people like you are in Bengali politics)

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